How It Works:

  1. Please review the above requirements sections.
  2. Contact us byphone or email to set up an appointment to drop your items off. (This information can be found in the Contact tab).
  3. You may drop off a maximum of ONE small Rubbermaid tub, or it's equivalent (your items fit into a large laundry basket), at each appointment. No bags, please. 
  4. At your appointment time you will be asked if you would prefer Store Credit or Consignment as well as if you would like your No-Thank-You's (anything we can't accept) returned to you or donated. Store Credit is only offered for clothing items.  All other items will be sold on consignment.  For your convenience we will donate your items to a charity of our choice.  Please note Maternity items are strictly sold on Consignment.
  5. You will receive a telephone call or email when we are finished reviewing your items. At that time we will either present you with a Store Credit buy-out amount or an itemized list of items placed on Consignment. Please note that while we strive to get through your items as quickly as possible it may take up to two weeks depending on our work load.
  6. You will be expected to pick up your containers within 7 calendar days of our contact. After 30 days, your items will automatically become property of JJ Kids & Co. and will be donated.
  7. PLEASE, do not be upset if we do not accept your items. There are many variables that determine what items we take in. It's easy to miss flaws at home in certain light conditions, and overlook missing parts. Maybe it's an item that historically doesn't sell easily, is obsolete, or is out of season. Please understand that for our customers' and our own sake, we must be selective about the inventory we carry. Our customers demand, and rightfully so, to get the most for their hard-earned money. It also allows us to give you, our supplier, a fair and honest price. The bottom line is "What would you want to buy?"

The earnings you receive will be impacted by:

  • Condition
  • Your adherence to our guidelines
  • Our current stock of the item
  • The current popularity of the same or similar items
  • Brand names
  • Whether it is in season or not

All Other Items Must Be:

  1. Wiped down, cleaned, and ready to sell. We will sterilize items that are required by state law.
  2. In excellent working condition and having no missing parts or broken pieces. To help you receive a premium price, it is helpful to include the instructions and packaging, but it is NOT required.
  3. Including fresh batteries if it requires them. If we have to supply batteries, it will be deducted from your earnings. We use generic alkaline batteries to keep costs down.
  4. Five years or less in age.

Store Credit:

  • Store credit clothing items will earn you 20-40% of our selling price depending on condition, season, inventory, brand, etc.
  • Store credit may be used at the time you pick up your returns or saved to use at a later date. You may use all or part of it at any time.
  • We will maintain your account balance in our records and will ask for your initials at every transaction. You may inquire about your balance at any time by contacting us.
  • After a period of 12 months of inactivity you will forfeit your credit. The responsibility of using your credit in this time is yours.

Buying Policy

General Requirements for Sellers and Consignors

JJ Kids & Co. reviews items by appointment only. Please call or email to set up an appointment. Refer to our ABOUT page for a list of products we accept.

  • We strive to maintain only the highest quality and current items in our store, so please ask yourself if YOU would buy the item.
  • We do not accept                            , used car seats, cribs, walkers, travel systems, toddler beds, mattresses, or dressers. We do not accept clothing more than 3 years old or other items that are more than 5 years old.
  • On large items, such as play kitchens or strollers for example, it is best to call ahead to see if we are currently accepting such items as our space is limited.
  • In order to provide our customers with the best products and to help you to receive the best chance of us accepting your items and receiving the highest earnings, please adhere to the following guidelines.

We do not offer cash buy-outs. What we do offer are the options below.

All Clothing Items Must Be:

  1. Freshly laundered or cleaned. It is best to launder or otherwise clean your items the same week you bring them to us.
  2. Free of Stains, Pet Hair, and Odors (cigarette smell will be immediately rejected)
  3. In excellent condition: free of holes, tears, missing buttons, etc.
  4. Must possess original brand, size, and care tag
  5. Free of garage sale stickers
  6. Neatly folded and contained in a box, tub, or basket clearly marked with your name and phone number. You will have these returned to you after our review. Please, NO BAGS.
  7. Three years or less in age


  • The primary advantage to you is the opportunity to take cash or store credit if your item sells, and if it doesn't the ability to try again with us at a later date or take your items elsewhere.
  • Consignors are required to sign a contract that specifies the terms of consignment listed in this description.
  • Consignment items will earn you 40-50% of our selling price with the ability to have some items returned to you or donated if they do not sell.
  • A Consignor Fee of 5% will be charged and deducted from your total earnings.
  • Flawed items in need of repair, cleaning, etc. will be returned or donated per your request.
  • Items will be displayed for 30 calendar days, after which it will be subject to mark-downs.
  • If an item has not been sold after 90 days it will be returned to you or donated per your request. Should you fail to reclaim your item(s) within 30 days after contact they shall automatically and without further notice become property of JJ Kids & Co.
  • The consignor may contact us at any time during business hours to inquire about the status of their account.
  • Consignment accounts are updated weekly. However, because we offer a 5 business day return policy, our tags are a week behind. It is your responsibility  to periodically check on the status of your account.